Sunday, June 3, 2012

A Weekend Antiques Market

What could be more fun than a great weekend at an outdoor Antiques Market? At a recent outing in northern Virginia, my good friend Mona and I spent the day perusing the tents and stalls filled with vintage goods, antiques, ephemera, painted furniture, antique linens, and just about anything and everything that makes people like us break out in a cold sweat!

The weather was divine and the pickings were even better. We waited in a long line of traffic going into the fair and were finally directed to park in a huge grassy field. A short walk and we were at the entrance - both of us so excited at at all of the goodies that awaited us. There were vendors from all over Virginia, Maryland, Pennsylvania and beyond with so much eye candy we almost went into a sugar coma!

When I go to these kinds of events I often get what I can only describe as sensory overload. There was so much to see, not to mention the live music and the food trucks serving up funnel cakes and sausage sandwiches.

There was vintage loot for miles - so much to look at! We saw some great friends during our shopping and enjoyed a perfect day shopping through the fields of amazing finds. We scored a great candelabra, metal buckets, watering cans, old vintage trade signs, farm baskets and several amazing birdcages!


Mona said...

Where in Northern VA is this- it reminds me of the great antique markets we used to go to on Long Island- we can never find this in Richmond!

Tony Turner said...

This was at the Luckett's Spring Market near Leesburg, VA. The show is held each May.