Friday, February 10, 2012

Tarnished Silver

When you think of silver, is your next immediate thought of shining it? One of the hottest looks right now in home accessories in silver - with the tarnish! The worn, old patina of tarnished silver is amazingly beautiful - and a great way to add shabby glamour to your home decorating.

Here two old vintage silver tray stands hold a collection of jewelry on a ladies' dressing table. These silver beauties would also make great candle stands or a perch for a small glass vase holding a couple rose buds. I might also place a small paper dolie on them and present a beautiful iced cupcake or small pile of brownies or fudge.

To instantly "age" newer looking silver, submerge your silver piece in a sink full of salt water, or spray the piece with a mild cleaner containing bleach. I have had good luck with both of these methods. Funny how so many people work so hard to make their silver pieces look brand new again and I am looking for ways to make them look so old!

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