Monday, February 6, 2012

Is Paint Still Chic?

People have been putting paint and brush to furniture for centuries. Throughout the years paint had been used to mostly cover up cheap or mixed woods. Painted furniture enjoyed a huge resurgence in the early 1980's when Rachel Ashwell and her "Shabby Chic" phenomena. I must admit here upfront - full disclosure - that refurbishing deteriorating tables, chairs, and chests with a fresh coat of paint is still a favorite of mine. But is it still chic?

As with any decorating style, I feel that these things are always evolving. Today's look continues to embrace painted furniture, but not always just the traditional "shabby chic" white, but also other hues of grey and green for example. Another trend I notice is the wonderful juxtaposition of painted woods and natural, stained and varnished woods. This can be done very attractively and effectively in a room setting.

Sometimes a beautiful painted piece, such as a hutch or china cabinet, can be a focus or spotlight piece in a room of mixed woods and upholstered pieces. Today's look is eclectic, relaxed, and personal. Don't put your paintbrushes away quite yet...this amazing style is here to stay!

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