Friday, May 31, 2013

Garden Hose Wreath

Try a new twist on a wreath by thinking outside the box. Here I used an old garden hose to create a whimsical and unique garden-themed wreath for the front door. 

Start by cutting a length of old (or new) garden hose and wrap it around and around until you create an eye-pleasing design. Secure with wire so it will hold its shape.

Next embellish your wreath with some faux flowers or dried herbs. The flowers can be added so as to hide the wire. Here I added silk peonies, fern fronds, and a small birds' nest.

Make it your own and hang by using embellishments that "speak" to you, and hang your creation wherever you need a bit of summer color!


Anonymous said...

Love it. Can't wait to the show!

Pocket Hose said...

Thanks for sharing this project. The garden hose wreath would probably look good on a garden gate.